ole-bij-question-plazaIn the first week of November we welcomed the Swedish investigative journalist Ole Dammegård here in the Netherlands. For more than 30 years he is an independant researcher of false flag operations, black-ops, political assassinations, like the assassination of Martin Luther King and the Swedisch Prime-minister Olof Palme, and other strange things that do not match with the official story we get from the mainstream media. He recently received the Prague Peaceprice 2016, and we spent a lot of days together with interviews about these subjects. We will publish those interviews in the next period at this site.

Members from “De Vrije Media” (The Independant Media) can view these video’s for free, otherwise for non-members you can watch them as pay per view. The first video we want to offer you for free is a direct message to the elite, recorded in one take, straight out of his heart. It is English spoken, optionally with Dutch subs.

Share this as much as you can, so we can move ahead to a better world; a world of compassion, love and peace; a world of which the vast majority is longing for.

© Coöperatie De Vrije Media U.A.


Camera/editing: Godert Walter
Translation/Dutch subs: Irma Schiffers

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