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ole‘De Vrije Media'(Free Media) strives also to create professional video productions in addition to written articles, to provide information you will not see and hear in de mainstream media. Those video productions are very time-consuming and they are quite expensive. That is the reason that we need members. ‘De Vrije Media’ is a media-organization, carried by the members, so that we are able to do research behind ‘the stories’ we get from the daily news with serious journalists and investigators.

Investigative journalist Ole Dammegård told us in an interview, while staying with us for a few days (more is coming) about the illuminati influence in the music industry. We will offer you episode one from a two-part series for free to show you how we like to bring the missing information at De Vrije Media; we ask for answers we do not get in de MSM. And we sure will not get them when we forget to add a question mark at the daily served news or use our intuition by looking behind the propaganda.

So this is part 1 and part 2 is also available on Vimeo. Support the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech, become a member so we can produce more video’s and articles and rely on researchers and journalists to go out and find truthful answers that are kept in the dark.

Click on the picture for the video!!

Foto video illuminati influence deel 1

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